Enigma – The Fall of a Rebel Angel (2016) (iTunes Plus AAC M4A) (Album)

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Enigma – The Fall of a Rebel Angel (2016) (iTunes Plus AAC M4A) (Album)
Genres: Pop, Music
Released: Nov 11, 2016
℗ 2016 Baloo Music S.A. under exclusive license to Polydor/Island, a division of Universal Music GmbH



Track List:
1. Circle Eight (feat. Nanuk)
2. The Omega Point
3. Diving
4. The Die Is Cast (feat. Mark Josher)
5. Mother (feat. Anggun)
6. Agnus Dei
7. Sadeness, Pt. II (feat. Anggun)
8. Lost in Nothingness
9. Oxygen Red (feat. Anggun)
10. Confession of the Mind
11. Absolvo
12. Amen (feat. Aquilo)
1. The Story of “Circle Eight”
2. The Story of “The Omega Point”
3. The Story of “Diving”
4. The Story of “The Die Is Cast”
5. The Story of “Mother”
6. The Story of “Agnus Dei”
7. The Story of “Sadeness, Pt. II”
8. The Story of “Lost in Nothingness”
9. The Story of “Oxygen Red”
10. The Story of “Confession of the Mind”
11. The Story of “Absolvo”
12. The Story of “Amen”
1. La Historia De “Circle Eight”
2. La Historia De “The Omega Point”
3. La Historia De “Diving”
4. La Historia De “The Die Is Cast”
5. La Historia De “Mother”
6. La Historia De “Agnus Dei”
7. La Historia De “Sadeness, Pt. II”
8. La Historia De “Lost in Nothingness”
9. La Historia De “Oxygen Red”
10. La Historia De “Confession of the Mind”
11. La Historia De “Absolvo”
12. La Historia De “Amen”
1. L’histoire de “Circle Eight”
2. L’histoire de “The Omega Point”
3. L’histoire de “Diving”
4. L’histoire de “The Die Is Cast”
5. L’histoire de “Mother”
6. L’histoire de “Agnus Dei”
7. L’histoire de “Sadeness, Pt. II”
8. L’histoire de “Lost in Nothingness”
9. L’histoire de “Oxygen Red”
10. L’histoire de “Confession of the Mind”
11. L’histoire de “Absolvo”
12. L’histoire de “Amen”



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